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Mary Garley

Mary Garley came to talk to us about the charity Meningitis Now. She described movingly the death of her granddaughter from meningitis and how her doctor failed to spot how ill she was. Even the hospital failed to spot the signs and it was only when she was taken to a different hospital that she was finally diagnosed. However, by then it was too late. Mary has made it her mission to spread information about bacterial meningitis which can affect people at any age. This often leads to septicaemia and the loss of llmbs, even where the patient's life is saved. Mary also talks to university students about viral meningitis, which commonly affects people in their teens and early twenties. Mary hopes that we will spread information about what to look for. This can be found on the Meningitis Now website.
If you would like to get to know us, come along to an Open Meeting or, if you would like to hear one of our speakers, text the President, Bob Bishop, on 07962 206218 and let him know you are coming.
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