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Donkey Derby

Past Projects
Spot the Clown
The Club provided a colourful presence at Theydon Bois Scout Troup's annual Donkey Derby. Dressed as clowns President Bob, ably supported by John, Angela, Janice and Alice became a human fruit machine pulling fruit at random out of buckets to the delight of many small children and taking the first step in raising money for our South African charity. This was John's debut at one of our events and he and his wife Alice made an enormous contribution to the success of the afternoon. Our secretary, Ros, was also there with her Hook-a-Duck stall and raised nearly £200 for Revitalise, the charity which provides holidays for disabled people and their carers. Many thanks to Hilary and Ros for organising a Rotary presence at this wonderful community event.
If you would like to get to know us, text the President, Friddy Bishai, on 07764 662001 and she will send you a link to our meeting.
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